5 Reasons To Consider A Storage Trailer Rental For Your Commercial Needs

Posted on: 16 May 2023


If you need to move furniture, supplies, and other things out of your building so you can renovate, you may wonder what's the best way to deal with what needs to be stored. A good option to seriously consider is a storage trailer rental.

These are like semi-trailers that are dropped off on your property. They offer a lot of storage room so everything fits in the same storage unit. Here's why a storage trailer rental is ideal for commercial storage needs.

1. The Trailer Is Even With A Loading Dock

Unlike a storage container without wheels that rests flat on the ground, a storage trailer backs up to your loading dock just like any other semi. This makes it easy and quick to wheel office furniture and other heavy things onto the truck. If you have an awning over your dock, you can even work in bad weather to load and unload the trailer.

2. Storage Trailer Rentals Come In Several Sizes

Storage trailers are taller, wider, and longer than containers. They're perfect if you intend to store big items inside. However, the trailers come in many sizes, so you can rent a small one if that fits your needs better. All sizes come on wheels and sit up high from the ground.

3. The Trailer Can Be Moved To A New Location

A storage container can be moved once it's full. That frees it from staying at your loading dock. The trailer could be moved to a far end of your parking area, locked securely, and left until you're ready to have it brought back to the loading dock and unloaded.

However, if you have the space, you can leave the trailer at the dock the whole time. This makes it convenient to get things out if you need something.

4. Both Short And Long-Term Rental Periods Are Available

Storage trailer rentals are available for short-term rentals and for long-term use. You'll probably get a better daily rate when you rent the trailer for the long term. This allows you to have the trailer on your property for as long as you need it, but you can get rid of it easily as soon as you're finished with it so it doesn't take up valuable space.

5. A Storage Trailer Rental Is Much More Convenient Than An Off-Site Unit

An alternative to a storage trailer is a commercial storage unit. While these have their role, it's much more convenient to store your belongings on your property. You'll have easy access to your things, and loading and unloading are easy with loading dock access.

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