Climate-Controlled Units: Equipped To Protect A Variety Of Items

Posted on: 31 January 2023


The type of temporary storage facility that is sought by an individual can have an influence on what types of climate-controlled units are available for their use. Before you invest in a climate-controlled rental, assess the type of items that you need to store, to determine the best call to action to pursue.

Climate Control Essentials

Climate control is a term that essentially means that heat and air conditioning are supplied and that humidity levels are regulated. A climate-controlled unit will use heat and air conditioning to ensure that the air remains between a definitive range of temperatures. The regulation of a unit is dependent upon a thermostat that is similar to one that would regulate the temperature inside a residential dwelling.

Climate control is often sought when delicate fabrics, metals, electronics, photos, and other materials that are susceptible to damage are going to be stored for any length of time. An individual who will be storing items for a short duration may be perfectly accepting of renting a unit that does not feature heat and air conditioning. A person who will not be able to access their possessions for a while, however, may seek the peace of mind that a climate-controlled unit supplies them with.

Unit Types

If you own some delicate or sentimental items, you should begin planning how you may need to store them. If you cannot keep the items in your home for the time being, it is important that you secure a climate-controlled unit that will provide the level of protection you are seeking. A rental facility owner will advertise the exact temperature range that is featured at their place of business.

Facilities may use varying temperature ranges, making it a good idea to research several rental companies. Some self-storage units come equipped with a refrigeration feature. If you have any items that will need to be stored at a colder temperature than what a standard climate-controlled unit features, explore refrigeration storage units that are located in your region.

A refrigeration storage unit is a good choice for storing wine, perishable items, and other items that must be stored in a very cool climate. A climate-controlled storage unit may cost more than a basic storage unit that lacks a temperature and humidity regulating feature. In spite of this cost increase, you may discover that securing a climate-controlled unit is worth every penny that you are charged.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for climate-controlled storage units near you.