What You Should Know Before Renting Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units

Posted on: 13 May 2021


Conventional or standard self-storage units should do just fine for most household and commercial items. Other times, you may need to think about going for a climate-control unit for your storage needs. Even as you go about looking for self-storage units with climate control, here are key considerations that you should bear in mind.

Do You Really Need One?

The answer to this question ultimately comes down to the items you are looking to keep in storage. If you have items that would otherwise get damaged by temperature and humidity fluctuations, especially over a long time, then self-storage units with climate control are definitely for you. 

Family heirlooms, photographs, books and documents, mattresses and bedding, vinyl records, and antiques are among some of the items highly susceptible to getting damaged without climate control.

Temperature Control, Humidity Control, or Both?

What qualifies as climate control varies from one storage facility to the next. For some, it's temperature control only, while others have self-storage units with only humidity control. Other facilities offer both temperature and humidity control.

It is therefore important to know precisely what you will be getting when renting a climate-controlled unit from a storage facility. Ask beforehand so you get what you need. Again, what you intend on keeping in the storage unit will inform what you need. Some items require both temperature and humidity control, while others will do just fine in an environment where just the temperature is controlled.

Climate-Controlled Storage Costs More

Climate control is made possible by heating and cooling units, as well as humidifiers. The initial investment and running costs of these units justify why it will cost you more to rent these climate-controlled units than their standard counterparts. Keep in mind, however, this extra cost is well worth it because the damage your items may suffer in any other type of storage space may be quite substantial. You may end up spending more to repair the items, or worse, be forced to replace them.

The disparity in price between the two types of units will vary from one storage facility to the next. Similarly, you can expect units with only temperature control to cost a little less than those that offer both temperature and humidity control.

Climate-controlled self-storage units offer the best protection your stored items need. Because climate-control is a catch-all term, you will want to make sure you know exactly what the storage facility offers.