Tips For Fitting More In Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 22 January 2021


The prices of storage units depend on the size you choose. Smaller units cost less than larger ones, but smaller units offer less space. If you develop a plan for your unit and utilize the right methods, you might be able to store all your things in a smaller unit, though. How can you fit more in a unit? If you want to save money by renting a smaller storage unit, you might want to follow these tips as they will help you fit more into the space you rent.

Use the Same Size Containers

The first tip to help you fit more in your space is to use containers of similar sizes for storing your things. If you need storage space, you might need it for boxes of things you have that you cannot fit in your home or garage. If so, it might benefit you to purchase totes to use for your things. While you can also use boxes, totes are more secure. Totes are made of plastic, and you can seal them to prevent air, moisture, and pests from getting inside. If you can use all the same sizes for your boxes, you can stack them more efficiently.

Pack Them as Full as Possible

The next tip to follow is to pack your containers as full as possible. If you only pack them half-full, you will waste space. If you pack them completely full, you will use your space more wisely and efficiently.

Stack Vertically to Use All the Space

One of the main things to realize is that you can use all the space in the unit. If you only use the ground for storing things, you will waste the rest of the space. The best way to use all the space is by stacking things vertically. In other words, stack your boxes up as high as you can. While they might be harder to access if you do this, you will fit a lot more in your unit.  

Take Large Items Apart

The last tip to follow is to take large items apart before placing them in the unit. If you can break things down into smaller pieces, you can store them more efficiently.

With the right methods, you might be surprised by how much you can fit in a storage unit. If you need to rent one, contact a facility today to learn more about the sizes and costs.