4 Reasons Commercial Self-Storage Units Make Sense For Small Businesses

Posted on: 30 September 2020


When it comes to running a small business, you need space for your office and operations. Leasing space though can be one of the most expensive parts of running a small business, which is where leasing a commercial self-storage unit comes into play.

#1: Cost-Effective Way to Expand Your Space

To start with, a commercial self-storage unit is a cost-effective way to get the extra space your business needs. The cost per square foot to rent a commercial storage unit in most marketplaces is considerably less than the cost per square foot to rent an office or retail space. If you need extra space at an affordable rate, a storage unit is a viable option that can provide you with the space you need at a rate your small business can afford.

#2: Great Document Storage Location

As a business, you need to keep a large amount of original documents for a certain number of years. Even if you keep digital records, there are always going to be some paper records that you are going to need to save.

However, savings paper records in your office for five to ten years can really take up a lot of valuable space inside your office. By renting a climate-controlled commercial storage unit, you will have an affordable place to put all the business documents you need to save without having to clutter up your office space with old documents.

#3: Affordable Inventory Storage

If you have more physical inventory than you have space for, a commercial storage unit can provide you with the space you need to affordably store that inventory. For example, if your business sells more products in the 4th quarter of the year, you can work on building up the inventory you need for that portion of the year and keep that inventory in your storage unit. You can also store seasonal inventory in your storage unit.

#4: Increased Security

If you have documents, electronic storage devices, or products that you need to keep secure, a storage unit may offer more security than your retail space or office. With storage units, there are generally individual access codes, constant video monitoring, and perimeter alarms, allowing you to keep items safe in storage. Additionally, only a few select people should have access to your storage unit, unlike your office, which can be more accessible.

If your small business needs to free up space in the office by moving out all records, or if your small business needs space to store inventory and supplies, renting commercial self-storage space is an affordable way to access more space for your business with flexible leasing terms and rates.