3 Ways To Use Your Storage Unit During The Holiday Season

Posted on: 4 March 2019


A storage unit is not just place to use when you need to get things out of your home. A storage unit can be a functional extra space that allows helps you throughout the year. During the holiday season, a storage unit really help improve your life.

#1 Hide Your Presents

If you have kids or just really curious adults in your home, a storage unit can be the perfect place to hide your Christmas presents. That way, no little prying eyes will find their Christmas presents before they should. If you like to space out buying Christmas presents months in advance, putting the presents in your storage unit will allow you to keep track of what you purchased.

When it comes to storing your Christmas presents, do not just drop the bags off and leave. Take the time to put the presents inside of a labeled container. If any of the presents are fragile, wrap them up with some bubble wrap. Use a plastic box for each person in your home. As always, be sure to label the boxes!

Set up a wrapping station in your storage unit. You can use other boxes as a table to wrap with, or you can use a folding table. Don't clutter your home with wrapping supplies; keep them in your storage unit and wrap your presents when you drop them off.

#2 Keep Decorations Organized

Next, your storage unit is a great way to keep decorations organized. You don't need to store your decorations for Christmas or any other holiday at home. Purchase separate bins for each holiday. If you have lots of decorations for one holiday, purchase multiple bins and label each bin not just with the holiday, but with what particular decorations are in that box. Sticking an inventory list inside the box, right on the top, will make it easier to find the right decorations.

As you pack up your decorations, be sure to use lots of cushioning material. You can wrap things in bubble wrap, newspaper, or use old towels to keep things from banging around and getting damaged. If you have decorative lights you need to store, wrap the lights around a used paper towel tube or wrapping paper tube; this will keep the lights from getting all tangled.

#3 Store Seasonal Items

Finally, use your storage unit to store seasonal items you don't need right now. For example, you don't need to keep all your fun summer clothing in your closet; box it up and create more space for your winter sweaters and coats. You don't need to keep the sports equipment you are not going to use until spring in your garage; box it up and put it in your storage unit. Keep seasonal toys, outdoor equipment, and clothing inside of your storage unit and create more space in your home.

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