Helping A Handicapped Family Member Get Storage? Prioritize Certain Qualities

Posted on: 28 May 2018


Renting your own storage unit is easy because you can determine exactly what you need to put into storage and tour various facilities until you find one that satisfies your needs. But, you may want to help a handicapped family member who is not able to do these tasks on their own.

Since you will still want to give them the freedom and flexibility to choose their preferred storage facility and individual unit, you should look for certain qualities that make this a possibility.

Storage Consultation

An excellent place to start is with finding a storage facility that can provide a thorough storage consultation. Your family member can provide details about what they want to put in their storage unit while also gaining information about what the storage facility provides.

If they intend on putting collectibles or items of considerable value inside the storage unit, they may want to make sure that the security measures taken by the storage company are adequate.

Moving Services

While you may be able to help with transporting some items, your family member may not want you to be responsible for everything. So, they may be interested in a storage facility that can provide moving services in which their items are picked up and put into their storage unit. This is a service that they can use at any time to add or remove items from storage when needed.

Easy Access

Although your family member may be handicapped, they may still be interested in accessing their storage unit in person. This means that finding an easily accessible unit is essential. Having to go up stairs or walk a long distance to reach a storage unit is not a viable option. If your family member intends on getting an outdoor unit, you should find one that you can park alongside.

Open Every Day

If your family member wants to maximize their flexibility with storage, you will want to narrow down the list to storage facilities that are open every day of the week. Being open every day means that your family member can get help from family, friends, or storage professionals depending on who is busy at the time with storage experts always being a reliable option.

When you have committed to helping a handicapped family member find a storage unit to use, you should prioritize some or all these qualities to ensure they have a positive experience. Contact a facility, like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage, for more help.