Tips For Storing Books In Self Storage

Posted on: 20 July 2017


Have you run out of room for books on your bookshelf, or do you want to put away the books you have not touched in years. If so, a self storage unit can be the answer to your problems. You will be able to free some storage space on your bookshelves, and those books will be ready when you want to take them out again in the future. Before you toss the books away into a self storage unit, you'll want to know how to store your books so they are preserved in the best possible way.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

A box made of cardboard may seem like a good choice, especially since smaller cardboard boxes are marketed as book boxes. However, a sealable plastic container will be a much better choice. You will find that plastic is a much stronger material, and the box will hold up better when it is packed full of books and heavy.

Plastic storage bins are also capable of forming an airtight seal, which will prevent everything from insects to dust from finding their way into the box. Plastic storage bins can also help prevent moisture from reaching the books. For outdoor storage units, plastic will also help protect the books from flooding. You never know if water can get into the storage unit, so the plastic will let you know that the contents of the bins are safe.

You can also place desiccators in the boxes to help absorb any moisture. Those are the little packets that are often packed with electronics that prevent moisture from getting on the device in the box.

Place Books Properly the Bins

Books should be stored just like they would be on a bookshelf, upright with the spines aligned outward. While you may be tempted to place books with the spine upward so you can see the titles of the books in the box, this can put pressure on the spines and cause them to become damaged when additional books are stacked on top.

Also, do not pack books too tight in the bins, since forcing the books into the bin could put unnecessary pressure on the book's spines as well.

Wipe Down The Books

You should wipe off the dust on books before they go into storage. Don't use a moist cloth, since a dry cloth will work just fine and not leave moisture behind. Wipe down the cover, spine, and sides of the book so they are clean when they come out of storage